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Which type of treatment promises best results

Fortunately, today, there are many successful forms of treatment specialized to combating specific tinnitus symptoms. However, as every person’s symptoms, and combination thereof differs, it often remains a challenge to find the right therapy for ones own personal clinical profile.

Over the last 20 years we have been dedicated to analyzing all known scientific and recognized treatment methods of tinnitus.

It was important to us to research which treatment methods work best with each clinical profile. Therefore in order to identify the appropriate treatment it was necessary to analyze all treatment methods against all different types of tinnitus or ear ringing profiles.

The following test has therefore been developed with the support of world wide medical specialists in the field of tinnitus.

With this knowledge in mind, the test you are about to take, considers only treatment methods that, through various independent & double blind studies, actually resulted in significant improvements to tinnitus and its surrounding symptoms.


On the following pages you will find 24 questions and exercises.  You can complete the test by clicking on your correct answer to each question.

   In this category only one answer is possible, and it is mandatory to choose one of the provided answers.
  In this category you can click on more than one answer, or leave it completely blank.

After completion of this test you will receive a 2-step diagnosis:

  • In the first phase you will receive recommendations for improving your life quality. Corresponding to each recommendation is a value/ percentage that depicts your personal chance for improvement.
  • In the second phase, you will receive specific treatment recommendations that represent the largest success potential for improving your ear ringing or tinnitus symptoms. Corresponding to each recommended treatments will be a value that represents the potential for success according to your personal clinical profile. With every recommendation you will have the chance to review the usage instructions, or the necessary contact info in order to begin the chosen therapy.

Please note: This test has been carefully prepared and executed. However, the recommendations are no guarantee for treatment success or symptom improvement. They also do not replace a visit to your regular doctor.

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