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The TinniTool ProfiLaser is the latest generation of soft laser, for treating tinnitus (ringing in the ears) yourself and similar inner ear disorders, such as partial deafness due to tinnitus, ear pressure, morbus Ménière (dizziness), acute hearing loss and hearing distortion.

The soft laser works by stimulating blood flow and accelerating cell regeneration by way of heat shock proteins, vascular endothelial growth factor, induced NO synthesis, increased angiogenesis and in particular through a significant increase in ATP availability. The soft laser’s concentrated light stimulates the combustion of carbohydrates and thereby enhances cellular ATP provision. Adenosine triphosphate is a key substance in our somatic cells. This means that the regeneration of the undersupplied, and therefore impaired, auditory sensory cells can be accelerated. Our soft laser system is already in use in more than 50 countries, from which we are able to draw from over 50’000 successful treatments.

No medical training is required to use the ProfiLaser.

Treatment concept:
The TinniTool ProfiLaser is used in a medical practice by specialists (tinnitus therapists) for an initial treatment and for a monthly follow-up treatment. Treatment comprises the irradiation of the inner ear and of the relevant acupuncture points. After the initial treatment the patient receives the TinniTool Ear Laser, – available to hire or to purchase – for daily treatment at home. Once a month the patient undergoes a follow-up examination and a follow-up treatment with the ProfiLaser in a medical practice. The treatment lasts 3 months; this may be extended as the need arises and depending on the diagnosis. The overall treatment time is approx. 150 minutes. This type of treatment has also been used with great success in Tinnitus treatment centres.

Suitable with symptoms like:
– Acute and chronic tinnitus since 3 years
– Tonal (whistling, ringing) and non-tonal (roaring, growling) tinnitus
Partial deafness due to tinnitus
Morbus Ménière (dizziness)
Acute hearing loss and hearing distortion
– Consequences of a middle ear inflammation
– Circulatory problem in the inner ear

Technical data:
Output power: 10-80 mW
Wavelength: 660 nm
User-defined programmes: 50
Pre-defined acupuncture programmes: 38
Pre-defined clinical conditions: 20
Unit dimensions: 30x22x11cm
Warranty: 2 years
Laserclass: 3B
Medical device class: IIb

TinniTool ProfiLaser: CHF 3800.- / EUR 3500.-
or rental: CHF 200.-/month (only possible within Switzerland)