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General terms and conditions

With payment in advance our products are labelled with consumer prices and include the value-added tax. We reserve the right to change prices at any time. Our headquarters in Maur will be glad to provide you with information concerning the wholesale prices.

Conditions of Payment
We offer you various payment options. These may vary, however, depending on the country.
With payment in advance we send you an invoice. As soon as payment has been received, the goods will be delivered to you. No additional billing costs will be charged.
With payment by credit card you receive prompt delivery of the goods. No additional billing costs will be charged here also.
With cash on delivery (C.O.D.) (only in Switzerland) you receive the goods by post and pay the postal official directly. The postal fees are CHF 15.- in Switzerland and EUR 19.- abroad.

Shipping Costs
We distinguish between letter post shipments (e.g., CDs) and parcel post shipments. Postage, packing and transport insurance are integrated into the price. With foreign deliveries even the VAT, customs and clearance costs are included. Depending the case of shipments abroad the authorities of each respective country can impose an additional import tax.
Letter post (domestic) = CHF 5.- / letter post (foreign) = EUR 7.-
Parcel post (domestic) = CHF 9.-/ parcel post (europe) = EUR 18.- / parcel post (other countries) = EUR 38.-

Delivery Terms
We deliver all of our items from the Embrach storage facility. Upon receipt of the order the goods leave our storage facility within 48 hours.

Right of Return
Purchase items that have already been used or are not in the original packaging cannot be accepted upon return. Any customer complaints will be considered only if made within eight (8) days.
Rental items can only be accepted if returned in excellent condition and in the original packaging. If the agreed upon rental period has been exceeded, you give tacit confirmation of your intent to purchase the item. You automatically receive a purchase invoice with the remaining amount due upon delivery of the item. Upon exceeding the rental period this amount becomes binding and is to be remitted promptly.

Default of payment
We reserve us the right, to debit the expenses incurred for reminders due to late payments. In the case of customer default of payment, we are authorized to charge interest rates of 5% min. per year.

Disclaimer of Liability+Applicable Law
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