Tinnitus analysis

In which phase is my tinnitus?

How long have you had the noise in your ear already?

• less than 1 hour, at least once a week
This can be a forewarning. General causes for it are often stress, muscle tension and a lack of sleep. The most important thing to do in this situation is not to get into a state of panic about it. For this may often lead to a worsening of the condition. Therefore, for the time being, analyse your daily routine and try to reduce your stress factors and relax your muscle tension. Daily meditation would be recommended.

• more than 1 hour, more than once a week
One suspects an acute tinnitus here. Specific causes might be noise trauma (shots, loud music), a previous illness or abnormal blood pressure. The last chance to treat tinnitus at little expense. At this point one must act immediately. Less stress, enough sleep, relaxation of tension, drinking enough water, finding a balance (work, family, leisure, sports). A daily 30-minute sound therapy procedure therapy is very recommended here. If immediate measures are taken, such as soft laser treatment, an acute tinnitus can be treated within three months time.

• constant, less than a year
At this stage, so-called subacute tinnitus, many attempts have usually been undertaken already. Often with little success. At this stage holistic treatment is recommended, which should be carried out promptly. Once tinnitus become chronic, the chances of a cure are decreased. Soft laser treatment should be carried out at the same time. For sleep disturbances the treatment should also be expanded to include sleep therapy.

• constant, already longer than a year
One is speaking of a chronic tinnitus here. It is possible that you have already lost the zest for life and hope of recovery. The chance of 100% recovery is less at this stage, however, not impossible. There are still opportunities available for the reduction of the tinnitus noise, e.g., soft laser treatment. There are new, promising methods available, primarily for the improvement of the quality of life, such as sleep therapy and nature sound masking.

What kind of noise do you hear?

With our hearing test, you can establish at which frequency the noise in your ear is ringing. Then we can offer you an individualised form of sound specifically as a sleep aid for sleep disturbances also.