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A = ON/OFF button
B = Display (chapter/lists)
C = Menu/Enter button
press briefly = confirm entry
press long = back to menu
D = Sound volume button
E = forward/reverse button
press briefly = scroll or go to the end/start
press long = fast forward/rewind
F = Play-/Pause-button
press briefly = start
press long = activate display
G = Audio plug (for headphones, earbuds, sound pillows)
H = USB plug (for PC cable or charging cable)

Sound therapy
for the selective treatment of tinnitus.

In each therapy you can see on the display which frequency range is being treated (e.g. 20-499Hz). Select with the buttons (E) your frequency range and select the Sleep therapy or the Meditation therapy. Confirm with MENU (C).

The Sleep therapy is a sound composition that allows the affected person to fall asleep despite the tinnitus noise. Here the requirements for falling asleep were analysed and sounds developed that simulate the methodology of falling asleep. Instruments, key, frequency, audio sequence, heart and body rhythms were transposed exactly.

The Meditation therapy is a sound composition that puts the body into the correct resonance vibration, decreases noise perception in the ear‚ induces through the pleasant sound the desired relaxation in the affected person, promotes stress reduction and provides relief.

  • Before you start the therapy, make sure that you are undisturbed and cannot be bothered by any other incidental noises.
  • Start the therapy and darken the room.
  • Lie down on your back, close your eyes and relaxed.
  • Do not cross your arms or legs.
  • Breathe regularly in and out. With every exhalation let your body sink deeper and deeper.
  • Relax all the muscles of your entire body.
  • Concentrate on your upper abdomen and imagine conducting heat into this area.
  • As soon as you feel quiet and calm let yourself be guided only by the sound composition. And hum along in order to put your entire body into resonance vibrations.
  • Only the continuous application provides the desired effect. We recommend a daily use of minimum 30 minutes and wish you a speedy recovery…


in order to let the tinnitus noise recede into the background.

The masking involves the realisation of making the tinnitus noise recede into the background by overlaying it with sounds of nature from the environment. By minimizing the perception of the tinnitus noise the personal stress factor is reduced simultaneously, thus bringing about an additional easing of the tinnitus noise as well. On the display you can identify for each sound of nature the frequency range which is masked particularly well. Select with the buttons (E) the sound of nature you want and confirm it with MENU (C). With (E) you can scroll during playback directly to the next sound of nature.

Heraing test
in order to identify the frequency of the own tinnitus noise.

You have to know the approximate frequency of the own tinnitus noise in order to apply the therapy forms specifically. Scroll with the button (E) to a medium frequency (e.g. 4000Hz) and confirm with MENU (C). Now scroll during playback with (E) to the frequency which is nearest to the noise in your ear. On the Display (8) you can identify the respective frequency. If you have problems in identifying the frequency – due to the fact that the frequency in your ear varies considerably or that you hear simultaneously several sound pitches – apply during the Sound therapy the broadband 20-20000 Hz.

Own data
free storage allows to load 6 GB own data.

You have the possibility to load own data/files on the NeuroSonic. More about it in the chapter DATA TRANSFER

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