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Once the tinnitus becomes chronic, the tone stores itself firmly also in the hearing centre of the brain cortex, in the so-called “auditory cortex”. All sensory impressions, which the ear receives, are led and processed there. A longer persisting tinnitus releases incorrect processes in the auditory cortex by repetitive over-activity of the nerve cells. The nerve cells themselves begin to interlace more strongly, until the tinnitus is permanently installed. The brain learned the phantom of a noise now. From this point onward not only the inner ear must be treated (as e.g. with the EarLaser), but also the brain must be weaned from the noise.

This can happen via stimulation of the nerve cells with acoustic impulses using the TinniTool NeuroSonic. The therapy aims primarily at letting forget the tinnitus tone again with a kind of – wellness programme for the ears -. The equipment resembles optically a MP3-Player and is also carried in the same way. A headphone and an ear plug can be selected depending upon preference. In the TinniTool NeuroSonic a complete therapy data base is stored; a sound therapy-data base, a masking-data base and tinnitus hearing test. Additionally free storage capacity is available for further treatment forms.

The hearing test: A pre-condition for the therapy form is it that the concerned person knows, on which frequency the disturbing noise manifests itself. In case it is not known, the equipment offers an integrated hearing test. The hearing can also be tested directly here.

The sound- and neurostimulation: In the chapter “sound therapy” one selects then the determined frequency and receives immediately two therapies tailored to its frequency. The “sleep therapy” is particularly aligned for the night application, which additionally facilitates falling asleep. The “meditation therapy” can be used during the day and additionally works stress-reducing. The ingenious fact is that in these pleasant sound compositions, the respective treatment frequency is built in, adapted to the personal frequency of the individual ear noise. This weans the brain of the firmly stored steady tone, by neutralizing the tinnitus noise during the hearing process. A simplified form of this treatment is also available in CD-form.

 Suitable with symptoms like:
– Chronic tinnitus
– Sleep disturbances
– Stress

Masking: In the chapter “masking” one can likewise select the determined tinnitus frequency and receive a selection from various nature noises, which are particularly aligned to the own tinnitus frequency and mask these. Masking is based on the knowledge to let the tinnitus noise step into the background with pleasant nature noises. The personal stress factor is reduced by the lower perception of the tinnitus noise and at the same time an additional calming of the tinnitus noise is caused thereby. Noises like brook noise, cricket cicadas, thunder rain, waterfall, forest noises, wind breeze, chimney fire and many more can be selected. A simplified form of this treatment is also available as a separate device.

 Suitable with symptoms like:
– Acute tinnitus
– Sleep disturbances
– Stress
– Inability to displace the tinnitus from consciousness

The free storage space: The chapter “own data” is at free disposal. It can be fed with new scientific findings (upload) at any time or simply loaded with up to 6 GB with personal sounds only, music or masking. These can be downloaded with the enclosed USB cable as desired.
Prices: TinniTool NeuroSonic: CHF 240.- / EUR 210.-